Friday, December 31, 2010

Booties done

They're exactly the way I wanted them, I just love squishy booties. I'll be posting the pattern to my pattern blog once I clean it up and make sure it's easy to follow.

I used Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, which is a very thick, rope-like velour yarn. I used a K hook and the pair can be made in a day's time. They're actually a little snug, so I'll adjust it a bit when I make another pair. I don't think I'll need more than a couple more stitches added on to get them to fit right. They do fit, and will probably stretch to fit my feet. It's why I'm not ripping them out.

That's my granddaughter Kadi who's modeling them. She's only three, but she's a real cutie.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The creative tribble is nibbling

I've been sitting here making the knit booties and it occurred to me that a similar design could be done in crochet. It wouldn't look like the knit ones, of course, but the design would be basically the same-start at the sole, decrease in the instep to form the bootie and then crochet on a ribbed top. Best thing about it will be that, once done, it can be crocheted together using slip stitch.

Anyway, when I get yarn and hook together I'll write it down and put it in my pattern blog so it can be shared. I always like to have crochet versions of knit projects so that my friends who don't knit can have a pattern too.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I finished one, but it needs work. It looks real nice, but the foot is too small. The top ribbing is fine, so I think I'll have to adjust it by making the foot in the next size and decrease down to the first size for the top ribbing. I also think I want to make turned cuff, so the ribbing will have to be longer.

That's the way it is with knitting, adjusting the pattern to meet your needs, which means not always making it exactly as directed. I was right though, the k1p1 ribbing looks much better than the k2p2, though that's a matter of personal taste. Since I'll be wearing them I will make them the way I like them.

They do look like the photo in the pattern, so I'm doing good.

The changes I made were trivial-I sewed the extra sole on before sewing the bootie together, then I sewed from the top ribbing all the way around to the toe in one big seam, catching both thicknesses when I reached the sole. And, as I said before, I did k1p1 ribbing at the top.

The next changes will be making the large size foot and decreasing to the medium ankle ribbing. It will make the bootie itself slightly larger, unless I put some extra decreases into a few rows to make it come out right. I'll decide as I go on that.

More to come when I start the revised bootie.

ETA: I've decided on a two-color pair since I'm redoing them anyway. I'm going to make the main part in the same color as the previous one-pale purple, then do the outer sole and ribbing in black. I think that'll look really nice together.

Also, I think that sewing the outer sole together and the bottom of the bootie together separately is a bad idea-to me, that means the two won't be attached to each other and could be a cause for concern. My way seems better-sew the strip to the bootie where it's supposed to go on the outside, then fold in half with right sides together and sew the back of the bootie, sewing through both layers of the sole at the same time when you get to them makes better sense, then the two are joined, no slippage and you still have a double thick, comfy sole.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hope everyone had a great Christmas

I know I did. No, I didn't get a ton of presents, but I didn't want a ton of presents. I did get a new-to-me laptop.

Someone gave my son a Dell Inspiron e1505 that still works, though it has a few bugs. Nothing to do with the way it works, though, let me be more specific:

It needs a battery. The battery is bad and isn't even being detected, easily replaced when I get the money.
The left shift key is missing. Not an insurmountable problem, just a matter of training my right hand to do the shifting.
The touchpad only partially works. I can move the cursor around, tap and right-click, but the left-click button doesn't work and it doesn't scroll. I can scroll using the arrow keys and if I need to click/drag something I can use the wireless mouse I installed on it until I can get a new touchpad.

See? No problem that isn't insurmountable, especially considering my other computer blinked at the slightest vibration. See, it has a loose plug-in connector so anytime it jiggled even a little, my screen would blink. Also, my touchpad on that one doesn't work at all, hence the wireless mouse.

The best thing about the new computer? It has a bigger screen. A smaller HDD, but I don't need a lot of space, and I'll get a case for the one out of my other computer and turn it into a backup since it's larger.

All in all, I like the Dell better.

Now, for something totally unrelated...

I found a free knitting pattern for a pair of adult booties. They look very comfy and I'm about halfway through completing the first one. However, I don't like purling two together through the back loop, nor knitting two together through the back loop, so I'm doing a ssk there. Gonna try a ssp on the flip side and see how that works, the ssk is certainly much easier to accomplish.

Also, I'm going to swap the k2p2 top ribbing and do k1p1 ribbing instead. I like the 1x1 ribbing, I think it looks neater and hugs the ankle better than 2x2 ribbing. other than that, I'm knitting them as instructed.


Click the link above to see them and I'll post pictures as soon as I get them done. I'm using pale purple yarn to do them with.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody

We spent Christmas Eve at my son's apartment and I had a really good time. Times are tough, so gifts weren't in abundance, but gifts are not what Christmas is all about, at least not getting a ton of gifts isn't, it's the thought behind what gifts you did get that counts.

Take the laptop that my son gave me. No, it isn't new, someone gave it to him because the battery doesn't work, the touchpad partially works and it's missing the left shift key. Despite all this, the computer itself looks pretty good, it's not beat up and it works. The screen is bigger than my other laptop and my other laptop screen blinked on and off at the slightest jar or jiggle.

Now, I can train my right hand to do the shifting, I can purchase a new battery (eventually), and I plugged in the wireless mouse from my other laptop to this one so I could scroll and click/drag things. All in all, despite having a smaller hard drive, this computer is better than my other one, so my son got a hug and a kiss from his very surprised mom.

My SIL got us a pair of Nerf guns that shoot small Nerf darts. His reasoning was that if we get mad enough at each other to want to shoot each other at least the Nerf darts won't kill us. Hubs will probably use his to get my attention when he's trying to say something to me.

Speaking of Hubs, he cooked the most delicious sirloin steak dinners for everyone.

So, all in all, it was a very good Christmas and I'm not complaining one bit.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Really Amused

Now that I've calmed down from the fracas that happened on the BBS, I'm really quite amused. Before I go any farther, I actually got an apology from the poster. An apology of sorts-he'd started an offbeat 'Merry Christmas' thread in the general/spam forum and I responded with a Merry Christmas to him. Anyway, nothing more need be said, things have calmed down and are back to normal-for a BBS, that is.

What am I amused about? He had not only accused me of lying (misunderstanding doesn't constitute lying, but that's semantics), baiting (none was intended, it was inferred) and 'throwing my weight around'. It's this last that has me so amused.

Why? Well, unlike a lot of people, my online persona is not much different from my RL persona. In fact, both are so close as to be indistinguishable from each other. I have many friends on that BBS who I only know through that BBS and have never met in RL, though if we did meet, they would know me, I'm just the same. Anyway, my RL friends, who are mostly members of the church I attend, would look at you like you were an alien if you were to ever tell them that the middle-aged lady sitting off by herself knitting socks likes to throw her weight around (all 200 lbs of it). It should be the same for the people who only know me online. Heck, I mostly read in the forum I'm moderating and usually let the other mod do most of the talking in there, so when, through all the swearing and general orders to 'f***k off', he said I liked throwing my weight around, I couldn't do much but sit there and chuckle. I even told him (and he probably didn't even bother reading it-at the time) that I could probably count on one hand the number of times I'd ever handed out a warning in that forum and that his accusation was BS.

Nevertheless, we've both pretty much let things slide, whether it's because of the holidays or what I really don't care. I don't like conflict and am a big fat chicken who will run and hide in the corner when it comes up. I'll sit in my corner and knit socks until things cool down, IOW.

Anyway, Merry Christmas again.

Merry Christmas

Why does such a simple phrase send many people into a complete rage? Why are corporations afraid to wish their customers a Merry Christmas and instead go for the generic and not very holidayish Happy Holidays? I know there are many holidays celebrated during this season such as

Christmas-the most widely celebrated, especially for Christians
Hanukkah-I hope I spelled that right. Jewish holiday
Kwanzaa-Not exactly sure what it's all about, but I've heard of it
Ramadan-Celebrated by Islam as a holy day of some kind.

Now, I don't pretend to even know what any of them are all about because I don't celebrate any of them. heck, I barely celebrate Christmas anymore, except we provide a steak dinner for the immediate family-us and the kids/grandkids and get one present each for each grandkid. This is fine, I don't need anything. Sure, I want lots of stuff, stuff I don't need and only want for want's sake and would probably tire of quickly like any kid with a new toy who puts it down and plays with the box it came in more than he does the toy.

So what is inherently wrong with wishing someone whatever holiday it is you celebrate and let them wish you whatever holiday they celebrate? I would not be offended if someone wished me Happy Hanukkah instead of Merry Christmas, I would just smile and say "Merry Christmas to you.".

Political Correctness needs to go out the window somewhere, and I say we start with holidays. Don't glare people down for wishing you a Merry Christmas, just smile and thank them, they aren't trying to be anything except nice people wanting to wish everyone Merry Christmas whether you celebrate it or not.

Christmas is not a swear word, I don't see why I should be looked at as if I just said one when I wish someone a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


From my previous post.

When all is said and done, what someone else said on that BBS I mentioned makes perfect sense. It went something like this.

"At the end of the day, it's just not worth it. You can't argue with people on a BBS, you don't know them and they don't know you and it's just not worth the aggravation."

Those aren't his exact words, but more like a paraphrase. He's right though. Why that person decided to round on me like an angry tiger is beyond me, when a simple explanatory post would have sufficed. This particular person is known for over-the-top reactions. just about a week before, he'd had a video removed from the same BBS because it was posted with no warnings at all that it contained disturbing content and the mod of that forum felt that it was put there to inflame or bait people. Now taking the video down was probably a bit extreme, but not beyond his discretion as a mod and someone else likely would have edited the video out and put in a link with appropriate warnings instead, but that's not what happened. The person then went on a (non-warnable that time) tear about it, then came back later and apologized, stating that a RL problem had prompted the outburst. To come onto a BBS and take RL frustrations out on someone who had nothing to do with this person's problem is inexcusable and his outburst to me, for whatever reason, was also inexcusable. I did not once come back to him in kind and explained myself as respectfully as I knew how, given the circumstances, then backed off.

It helps that I have some members who are backing me, not necessarily agreeing with my decision for singling out his post, but agreeing that his reaction was inappropriate and the warning was deserved. For that I am appreciative.

Moderating and BBSs

Yeah, I'm a moderator and it's a thankless job. No, I'm not getting paid to do it, I volunteered when I was asked. I'm actually a type of floating mod who can go into any forum and moderate it if it needs be, which is something I do for other mods when they need a break from their own forums. I'm also an official moderator of a forum, along with someone else and that forum can get quite heated sometimes.

Like yesterday. A topic was getting heated, and an admin had posted a cool-it, meant to cool things down. Things were still getting a bit heated over something else, so another mod of a different forum posted a reminder that a cool-it was in effect. A little later on I posted to another poster who was concerned that what she posted might have violated the cool-it (it didn't). Another post further up the thread, in my opinion, skated close with some very distasteful, but not vulgar, euphemisms in it and I mentioned that one as being close and reminded people yet again that there was a cool-it. That poster then went on a tear against me with all sorts of vulgar language, accusing me of baiting him and saying he violated the cool-it, going so far as to report me after his vulgar attack post to me, btw (not that I'm complaining about that, it's his right to report me, even if I didn't do anything wrong). In his report he accused me of saying he violated the cool-it (which I did not, just that it was close).

Anyway, I warned him for that attack on me and the attacks continued, against me and another mod who was simply correcting him about what I'd said. He had accused me several times in the thread of saying he'd violated the cool-it (a warnable offense, btw), calling me a liar and generally telling me and the other mod off in very vulgar language. When she finally simply quoted the relevant passage to clarify, then he went off, changing his tune and still calling us liars, that he did not come 'close' to violating the guidelines.

Now, I'd be willing to admit that I misunderstood his post, which was probably trying to inject humor into the situation, even if there was no indication of such-such as some kind of smilie face or even the words "j/k, it's a joke, something, but there was not, so I erred on the side of caution. However, due to the tear he went on, ironic since the thread was about posters going on a tear, I'm not inclined to say anything else, in fact, I've stepped back and let the administrators and the other mod of the forum handle it.

If he had come back with another post that calmly explained "Hey, I was just injecting some humor into the situation." instead of telling me off in such vulgar language, none of that would have happened. I would have acknowledged it and explained that I found it offensive myself, but not in violation of the cool-it (again). There was no need to go off on me like an atom bomb and not once did I sink to his level when I was explaining his misunderstanding or even when I warned him, yet he continued and continues to berate both me and the mod who came to my defense.

What I'd like to say to him would have me sinking to his level, so I'm not, it's not worth it and he's not worth it. I'll just do the next best thing-create a bad guy character in a story and beat the crap out of him like he's verbally beating the crap out of me for doing my job-my unpaid, volunteer, thankless, but one I enjoy, job.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let me get one thing straight

Any who may read this may think that I don't like Anna Torv or Olivia Dunham. They couldn't be more wrong.

The fact is, I like Olivia Dunham-the ORIGINAL Olivia Dunham, not that cheap imitation Torv seems so infatuated with to the point that the writers babied the character all through her undercover assignment.

I'll go so far as to say I love the original Dunham and I highly dislike (can you tell?) the alternate.

I really like Peter Bishop too, but the writers have written him so dumbassed during the undercover assignment that he missed every clue that screamed in his ear that he wasn't sleeping with HIS Olivia. He should have seen through her by the end of 6955kHz, when Red faltered in remembering that string of numbers he asked her about.

That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it. RedOlivia is a Mary Sue!

Yes, I do hope someone from the show sees this and tells Torv about it. I love Olivia Dunham, but as far as Red is concerned they can make her the sex slave of a band of Nietzscheans for all I care. At least then justice would have been done for all the murder victims she left behind who have no justice. As for what she did to Peter? Well, I blame Peter for thinking with his....well....peter and not listening to that voice screaming at him that this was not Olivia Dunham.

Playing with banners

In honor of my previous post I made a banner showing my feelings, then sent it to my best friend as a Christmas present. She told me that was the best gift she'll probably receive. We've even displayed them in our sigs at the BBS we both mod at to show our feelings and hope that one day someone from the staff of Fringe will actually see it.

Yes, I know not everyone will agree with me on that. Certainly not Anna Torv, who is infatuated with her, nor the writers, who have babied her throughout her whole undercover assignment, then sent her home unscathed, essentially letting her get away with mass murder and homewrecking.

Anyway, here it is, for any to see, in all it's simplistic glory. Click to see full size:

To illustrate how easy it was, I used the Paint program that came with my Windows7 Ultimate OS. A simple matter of opening the picture, resizing it, extending the drawing field to the size I wanted the banner, coloring it and choosing the font to write in. I'm not a fancy person, but I didn't need fancy to get my point across.

Speaking of photo manipulation, I do a lot of that, but not in Paint. I only use Paint when it will be a simple matter of resizing/cropping pictures, simple filled backgrounds with text, etc. For more involved manipulation such as changing skin color/tone, adding other details, etc, where I need to transparentize the colors I'm using a bit and use the lasso tool to lasso only what I want to change, then I use, which is a free image editing tool that's not quite as extravagant as PSP, but is easier to use than the GIMP. and GIMP are the two free ones I would recommend, depending on your skill level. I've never used PSP so I can only say buy it if you can afford it, I've heard good things about it. I don't do fancy stuff, just photo manips for my friend for her fanfiction so she can visualize who she's writing about.

Mary Sue

Any author knows who/what Mary Sue is: From Wiki

fictional character with overly idealized and hackneyed mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as a wish-fulfillment fantasy for the author or reader. Perhaps the single underlying feature of all characters described as "Mary Sues" is that they are too ostentatious for the audience's taste, or that the author seems to favor the character too highly. The author may seem to push how exceptional and wonderful the "Mary Sue" character is on his or her audience, sometimes leading the audience to dislike or even resent the character fairly quickly; such a character could be described as an "author's pet".

This is exactly what alt-Olivia is, otherwise known as Red in my other writings. Why do I say this? Well, in the first two seasons of Fringe, Olivia was constantly put into danger in one way or another in each case she worked. Red, on the other hand, was not. In the eight weeks that she replaced Olivia she was not once put into any kind of danger. What she did, however, was to thwart the team's efforts in any way she could, killed or ordered killed a large number of innocent people and even killed her own ally shapeshifters when they were in danger of being captured. When she was caught, she got taken back to her own universe and didn't even face consequences for any of her actions. The most telling Mary Sue trait was that she suffered absolutely no ill effects from crossing universes-twice. And she didn't have Olivia's cortexiphan protection either. When she got back to the control room at her HQ, she had the most smug, self-satisfied look on her face that I'd ever seen, a look that I still want to slap off her face. IOW, I am not one bit infatuated with that pretender and professional trelk (Farscapians know what I mean).

Olivia, while in Redverse, was drugged, brainwashed, put into all kinds of danger on her cases and ended up almost eviscerated when they wanted to study her brain before sending her empty body back in place of Red when they brought her home. Once home, she has to deal with the aftermath of Red's treachery, the way she stole her life and stole her love. More than likely, the rest of S3 will focus on the two of them as they deal with the treachery that was Red while they work cases and try to stop Redverse from destroying their Blueverse. Peter will have to deal with the fact that he was a complete dumbass who refused to see Red for who she was, even though there were several times before he received that enlightening phone call telling him Olivia was trapped in Redverse when Red just screamed that she wasn't Olivia. I mean, come on, when he asked her to repeat the numbers in 6955kHz, she first stalled by asking why he wanted them. Then, when she struggled to remember them and faltered a bit, where the real Olivia would have simply rattled them off like her driver's license, Peter totally didn't catch on. Please.....pass me the gag bucket.

Even the actress admitted to being infatuated with Red, so did some of the writers/producers.

So, unless the writers have some plan for Red to pay for what she did, I call Mary Sue!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Changing recipes

Sometimes it pays off to alter recipes, even ones you've used for years. I have a chicken/rice casserole dish that my mom has made for years that's very simple-line a rectangular baking dish with foil, butter it and sprinkle on a cup of rice. Mix together a can of cream/mushroom soup, a can of water and a dash of lemon juice. Cut up a chicken and dip the pieces in the soup mixture and lay on top of the raw rice, then pour the sauce over all. Sprinkle a packet of onion soup mix over all, cover with foil and bake at 325F for two hours.

Now, don't get me wrong, this dish is delicious, but I've altered it a bit over the years. For one, I'm the only one who eats chicken since Hubs and chicken don't get along, so while I still use nearly a cup of rice (love rice) I don't use a whole chicken. Also, it's hard to use just a part of a can of soup.

Anyway, I've tried different cream soups, from asparagus to broccoli to celery, and added in a can of mushrooms (can't get enough mushrooms). Each time, the dish comes out slightly different, but really good. I can't remember the last time I used lemon juice, but the dish doesn't seem to have missed it.

Today I'm using four split breast pieces and putting it all in a square glass dish. The pieces aren't terribly large either, so that's about right. I used about three-quarters of a cup of rice and celery soup with a can of mushrooms. This should make the dish more saucy, and I like that-saucy, but not too saucy will keep the rice from sticking together too much. I still cover it with foil, but don't line the dish, I just buttered it. And I only let it cook for about an hour, maybe a bit more, or I'll turn the oven off and let it sit for awhile. That way the chicken doesn't overcook and get dry.

All in all....nummy, nummy, nummy ;)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Was reading an article

This is a quote from one of the commentors:
I love Fringe but very happy to see the lame-assed romance between Peter and Olivia die. Really people – do you not learn from history? Anytime an infatuation comes to fruition, the series dies. Look at Moonlighting and The X-Files. Stick to the weird stuff and leave the romance to that other bastion of idiocy Twilight.
 I've never watched Twilight because it's never appealed to me, it seems to be aimed at teens, I think. Romance in a show does not always mean the show is going to die, neither does moving it to Friday nights. Why Fox has shot so many popular shows to death is really beyond me and if they shoot Fringe before the storyline of the conflict between the two universes can be resolved then I'm pretty sure Fox will be doomed. The only thing I watch on Fox, like many fan comments I've seen, is Fringe. And Saints football. After football season it'll be back to Fringe, if it's still around.

If they kill it before the overall arc is resolved then I hope the producers resolve it with either a miniseries or movie like Farscape did. However, I would much rather see it play out over several more seasons. I'm not so naive to think that the show will run forever, but I'd like to see it go for at least six or eight seasons before being canceled.

Why are there so many reality/idol-type shows on tv now? Are people really so brain-dead that the only thing they'll watch is that stuff that doesn't take any kind of thinking at all? Can't the networks let us people who like to think about things keep our one show? Can't one romantic relationship go on without constantly being broken up/delayed? I have nothing against co-stars getting together, in fact, I like it very much.

People who really think that Idol is such a 'great' show better think again. If I was to guess, I'd say the winner is decided long before the call-in portion of the show airs and the whole thing is fixed. I've seen too many genuinely good singers who didn't make it while someone with considerably less talent wins. I stopped watching Idol many, many years ago because it was so predictable.

In fact, while the tv is the very first thing Hubs turns on when we either get home or when he wakes on weekend mornings, I couldn't tell you from one hour to the next what's playing on it-except when it's time for Fringe to come on. I usually have my head stuck in my computer, talking to my evil friend and checking out EI. I never turn the blasted thing on if I'm home alone. I might leave it running on whatever station he puts it on when he turns it on and then leaves the room or house, but I don't turn it on unless the grandkids are there and want to watch it.

Oh, one other quote from a disgruntled viewer made me giggle:

If Fox stop the show, I will move my ass to the alternate universe and get my fix with Foxternate !

I think I'll join her ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Phelps, Phelps, Phelps

Why can they not let the dead rest in peace? Why must they picket funerals and write such filth-ridden missives in the name of God and say that God hates <Insert name here>?

If the Phelps bunch truly knew the God of my bible they would know that He does not hate anyone and if they supposedly say on the television that they will not pray to him for <whatever> then it's not their place to rise to indignation and 'protect' God. God does not need protection from anyone, He can take care of Himself. He spoke this world and everything in it into being and he doesn't need the hate-spewing Phelps bunch to defend Him in any way, shape or form.

Do they not even read their bible about what happens when people do things supposedly in the name of God and it isn't what He would do? That's called blasphemy and is punishable by death, if He so chooses, though I won't say that's what's going to happen to this bunch because they deserve the same right to repent as any other person on this earth.

Phelps bunch-listen-Jesus will one day come back for His children, if you really want to go with Him, then I suggest you repent of your evil doings before that happens or you'll see what happens once the influence of the Holy Spirit is taken from this world.

Blogging for the heck of it

I'm kinda glad no one reads this, I can post pretty much what's on my mind without someone getting their knickers in a twist about it. Though what I do post shouldn't have anyone getting their knickers anywhere, unless they happen to violently disagree with something I say about Fringe. Even my friend I MSN with all the time doesn't know where this blog is, all she knows is that I have several blogs around the interwebs that I post in from time to time.

Speaking of Fringe, she and I have pretty much waylaid Red pretty good. Now we have her on the mend from it (hey, we're not totally heartless, we'll let her mend, then waylay her again, it's what we do, even to characters we like).

What have we waylaid her with? Well....vampires. A Daywalker owner of a vampire brothel took a liking to her and kidnapped her for his toy. After he got inside her head and figured out what was going on, he had to change his plans for her a bit. I won't go into any details, but suffice to say what happened broke her pretty good, see, he kept her for five days and shared her too, she's now pregnant with a dhampir and can't abort it without fatal consequences for her. See, in our world, we get to decide the physiology of things, and the dhampir cannot be terminated unless it's terminated after birth, doubtful to happen, but also doubtful Red will want to keep and raise it, so we'll just figure out what to do with it.

Also in our version, turns out Red was brainwashed into doing what she did and Vaughn's telepathic manipulation of her over five days screwed all that up, so I guess he did a good thing. Now that they know, she'll probably have more sympathy from them. I'll have to wait and watch Red at home some more before I'll actually have any kind of liking for her myself, we're just making her more likable in our stories. Knowing that she's been manipulated by Walternate will have her getting very angry, because of it, she was now permanently scarred from her encounter with Vaughn and company.

For the moment, Vaughn has gotten away scot-free with what he did, because he cut a deal with Roxy-a vampire working with the FBI. He and his nest will stop their persecution of her in exchange for getting Red back, along with all the information he ripped from her mind. Once that was done, he moved his brothel. Roxy decided to torment Red some more (angel face) by arranging for the safe house to keep Red in so the shapeshifters couldn't find her. She chained her up in a room exactly like the room she'd been held captive in, along with a guard who looked exactly like Vaughn and regular visits from a male, hands-on doctor. Now, the doctor and guard had no idea what was going on and neither did Roxy's superiors, until five weeks later when Red was supposed to be sent home. Once it was discovered that Roxy flouted all protocol concerning prisoners and such, she was bawled out, but it probably didn't do any good-what kind of disciplinary action do you give a vampire? Anyway, Red is too weak from the pregnancy to be sent home and the news of it is highly classified while they hunt down Vaughn's new nest-which they just got quite good intel from Red about it as she told them how they operated-Vaughn thoughtfully boasted about it while he held her prisoner, thinking she'd be executed as a spy before she could impart that knowledge (or maybe hoping they wouldn't believe her if she did).

All in all, I think I've just about satisfied my discontent with the writers allowing Red to escape mass murder charges scot-free while Olivia has to deal with almost being dissected and then coming home to find out Peter unwittingly betrayed her with Red.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Did he get tranquilized or shot dead? My first impression was that he was shot dead because he instantly collapsed and there was a blood drop on his surgical scrubs, but one site said that he had been shot with a tranq gun. I think I'll stick with my original impression because there is no tranq anywhere that works instantly. Broyles needed him incapacitated to be able to get Olivia out of there without interference and Brandon would have been able to slow him down until a tranq took affect. So he shot Brandon dead, he's a soldier, he'll shoot to kill first, not use a tranq gun.

Karma's a bitch, ain't it Brandon? You helped mess up Olivia and now you're dead. Wish Walternate could be made dead too.

But then the show would be without a kickass villain...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I really hate being hard of hearing

I miss a lot when I watch tv, not that I watch it that much, so I don't bother with CC.

Anyway, I decided to stream the last Fringe episode (Entrada) from Hulu and ran it with captions. I picked up a few things I missed when I watched it at first airing-like it was Brandon's idea to dissect Olivia and take out her brain, spine and internal organs for study. Walternate approved, so he still carries blame for it. So alt-Broyles kills him (or sedates him according to Fringepedia, you make the call)-oh well. Dissecting someone while they're still alive and watching is just the height of evilness. I really adore Brandon from the Blue side, but I'm really disliking alt-Brandon. If he's dead, good for him.

So, they were going to harvest Olivia down to a shell, replace the mass and trade her for Red to get her back before she could be interrogated. Well, it didn't work out quite like they wanted, however I'm very upset that they sacrificed alt-Broyles, who was the only one who knew the truth. His parting words to Olivia will likely be her anthem during the rest of the season...."Please, make this count for something."

I'm still highly upset that Red got away scot-free. I even have a couple of screens of her face as she repeated Lincoln's words back to him, giving them an entirely new meaning..."Just like it never happened."

Well, my evil friend and I are going to make her pay for that smug grin by wiping it right off her face, both before and after she gets home. No, the team will not be ignorant of her spying and they will know without a shadow of a doubt that she's been gone for eight weeks doing Walternate's dirty work for him.

Cue evil face and maniacal laughter.

I told you my friend was upset

Over Red getting to go home scot-free. See, I told you that we do fanfiction and she lets me help over MSN by running arcs. She'll then translate them to prose and if she isn't satisfied then we do it again a different way.

Last night we gave Red a nasty surprise after she so smugly got home (however, she isn't going home undamaged, by the time we're through with her she'll be running home to mommy ;)). See, we read on a Fringe board a theory that Red was possibly brainwashed for her undercover assignment and we went with that-only much farther than the show would ever possibly go. She had an obedience program embedded in her, she had a personality rewrite, and a hatred for Blueverse that rivals Walternate's. When she got home we had already taken Walternate from power, but he slipped through our grasp (naturally) and built himself a basement lab. When Red got back he emailed her to come to him (which she would because of the obedience program, no matter she knew what he was up to). When she did (which was a Friday, so she wasn't missed until that following Monday) he strapped her to a table standing up, kept her awake and dosed her on so much cortexiphan that she was violently ill. He had probes down her back, in her ears and up her nose, a feeding tube down her throat and he even dropped some of the stuff in her eyes, blinding her. She had sensor pads all over her, monitoring her and giving her electric shocks to try to force her to bond with the cortexiphan. By the time she was found she was a wreck, blind, deaf, very weak and very exhausted. As much as she wanted him to stop, she couldn't tell him due to the feeding tube for one thing and because she was programmed to obey him without question for another. Naturally, Lincoln and Astrid were so angry that they shot him when they found her (Broyles wouldn't lose it like that, I don't think, and I control him and Lincoln in these things.).

So, in our version that isn't following canon or the episodes, Walternate is now dead (no big loss). But he does have a daughter by another woman (he was obsessed with genetic perfection) and it was she who saved Olivia from being dissected (which saved Broyles' life as well :p I didn't like him dying one little bit)

Now Peter is helping his half-sister try to reprogram Red. Lucy (sister) is also working with Walter to reprogram the doomsday machine to actually fix the rifts safely instead of annihilating a universe and Peter too, so she's popping over to Blueverse now and then, which lets her and Peter also collaborate on deprogramming/reprogramming Red to her old self.

We're having a lot of fun with it since the writers are going one way with it-letting it look like she never left Redverse-so we're just offering up our version, where everyone has been made aware of the switch and she doesn't just slide back into her old life as if nothing ever happened.

Like I said, she'll be quite badly bent before she goes home too-we're talking vampire trelks (you Farscapians should know what that is) for starters, and maybe I'll think of something to do to her as well. You see, in this trio of people who play-my friend is usually the evil one, wanting to pick on someone till they break and I'm the voice of reason, not generally inclined to as much violence and her alter-ego generally sides with me, but now all three of us are gunning for Red because the the show just wasn't fair to Olivia or Peter.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Different theories

I've read some theories on a BBS dedicated to Fringe and someone put forth that Red could have been brainwashed by Walternate. Also, as to her so (apparently) easily committing murder, they put forth that she may come from a world that doesn't have the same morals that we have, or that she really believes she's in a war and is only acting as any soldier would do in the same situation. However, I go with the opinion that they have almost the same morals we do, since their universe is parallel and is (basically, with few differences) almost identical to ours.

With that in mind, that makes Red a murderer. Soldier or not, she chose to kill totally innocent people to get Peter on track with doing what Walternate wanted him to do. She could see for herself that Blueverse was not preparing for war, and while she expressed reluctance at killing innocent people, she still did it. She tried to tell Peter that while it started out as a mission that it ended up something more, but that didn't quite ring true, even if she was taking the photo booth pictures with her. She had a boyfriend on her side, why would she allow herself to fall for Peter? I'm more inclined to believe that she was taking home a trophy of her accomplishment at being able to fool the genius.

After all, the smug look on her face at the end of Entrada was more telling than anything. *Smug look.* "Like it never really happened."

Yeah, well, I guess the seduction never really happened either, did it Red? Are you even going to care if you find out that your boss was mutilated and sent over in your place to get you home?

The two Olivias

Yeah, sure, more rants about Fringe, but this time it's a real gripe. I'm really not very happy about how Olivia came back home damaged and Red got to go home scot-free without any kind of damage at all. I suppose it would have to be explained that she had to appear as normal as possible to facilitate the illusion that she never really left, but I'm really pissed off.

Olivia was brainwashed and nearly had her spine ripped out before Broyles freed her, that's going to take its toll on her. Peter isn't undamaged either, he's been raped-for all accounts and purposes-and has to deal with the fact that he hasn't been sleeping with his Olivia all this time and that she's been stuck over there having god-knows-what done to her. More or less, now we get to see Peter dealing with his crisis and guilt and Olivia dealing with all the traumatic things that happened to her at Walternate's hand while Red gets off scot-free. Not fair by a long shot.

I can say though-Thank you, God, for fanfiction writers. my best friend is one and she's just as upset as I am over the uneven treatment of both Olivias. In her stories, Red will not only leave Blueverse damaged, she'll also get even more damaged when she gets home.

Cue devil face and maniacal laughing.

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Fringe

I have to say, this was an excellent episode, even though it was quite dizzying when they kept swapping back and forth between universes. If they were trying to get me to see things from Walternate's PoV, or to sympathize with him, they did a piss-poor job of it, because I'd really like to mutilate him for what he's done over the last eight weeks. Although it's not clear how alt-Broyles got mutilated when he was swapped, I'm betting Walternate had something to do with it, rather than it happening during the swap, because his mass was greater than Red's and would have to be adjusted to match hers before swapping-which is a very sick thing to do, even if they actually were at war.

I certainly hope that Olivia is able to keep the promise she made to him when she begged for his help and that he didn't die in vain, it should count for something.

You know, if I was her, I'd have taken every bag with her name on it out of that lab and back across with me...I'd hate to leave all that Cortexiphan in that madman's hands.

Maybe now they'll revert Walter and Peter back to their former level of genius now that they're through dumbing them down so that Red could fool them for 8 weeks.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm fifty years old...

I wanna retire from sex!

Why won't he let me?

Oh, and while I'm at it, I wish I could stop sneezing my brains out.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Why are people so hooked on it? It's here today and gone tomorrow and is never affordable. I haven't bought any new clothes in....I don't know when.

Okay, sure some trends look really nice, but only if you have the looks to pull it off. Me, I don't. I just go with what's comfortable to wear and don't worry about what others think looks good or what trend is trendy today. Personally, to keep up with what's what in the fashion world (which only puts money in the fashion designer's pocket) I'd go bankrupt and die of a heart attack from worrying about whether I have the right style or not.

Same goes for people on talk shows when the topic is makeover. When the makeover is done, who is going to pay to keep it that way? That's right, the makeoveree (and yes, I made that up). Usually it's some family member who's embarrassed by what the person is choosing to wear. I say leave them alone and let them wear what they want, it's none of your business. And if you're embarrassed to be seen with your mom because of her wardrobe/hairstyle/whatever, then YOU pay to make her over, then YOU buy her the appropriate clothes to maintain the look. Don't go all whiny and say "Mom, you need to change your look." unless you're prepared to pay for said new look, especially if mom doesn't want to/can't afford to change her look.

Where did this mini rant come from? I came across an article titled "Would you wear ankle socks with heels?" Sure, it was from last year or something, but the title just set me on edge. Who cares if I would or wouldn't wear this or that? It's no one's business but my own. To that article I say I'll wear whatever I want to wear and if people don't want to look at it, they can find something else to look at. Who cares if it makes my short legs look shorter or if it makes me look bigger than I already am? If I like it and it's comfortable then I'll wear it. Those women who go sighing off saying "Oh that makes her legs look sooooooo long!" make we want to puke, literally. "Don't wear socks like that with heels, it'll just make your legs look shorter." Who the *bleep* cares? Wear whatever you want and if someone tells you it's wrong or makes you look <insert description here>, tell them to *bleep* off.

Reverend Phelps and Co.

You know, I really severely dislike this group, and I know I'm not alone. He and his so-called Christian group go around protesting at soldier's funerals, protest at gay gatherings, all the while toting signs that read "God hates fags." That right there proves that they just are not Christians, because nowhere in the bible does it say that God hates fags. What it does state is that God has said that homosexuality is an abomination, but it does not state that God hates the homosexual-those are two different things.

If God hated homosexuals, then the passage that reads in John 3:16 would be a lie.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Bolding mine. If God hated homosexuals then that means they aren't included in the 'whosoever' mentioned in the above passage. Of course then there is also the condition for the everlasting life-believing on Him. People keep asking why a loving God would send people to hell and I say that He doesn't, they send themselves when they refuse to believe that above, simple passage. However, that one word, whosoever, excludes no one as long as they believe on His son, Jesus Christ, and that He died in their place, then rose from the grave so that one day we, too, may rise from the grave and join Him with the Father.

Yes, homosexuality is a sin, but God does not hate homosexuals. He doesn't hate Reverend Phelps and Co. either for the incorrect message they're spreading.

Oh, and those words quoted above came from the mouth of Jesus Christ, and since He and the Father are one, then one can assume that they also came from the Father's mouth.

This may earn me some flames if anyone reads this, but I believe that if a homosexual gets saved, truly saved, then the Father in their (the homosexual) heart would purge the homosexuality from them. It may not happen overnight, but it would happen. I'm not a hater of the homosexual like the Phelps bunch, they're people too, but I also don't go around condemning them-they make their choices just like everyone else and deserve to be treated with the respect that any other human being on this earth should be treated with, but aren't.

God calls many actions abominations and homosexuality is just one of them, and the Phelps bunch have fixated upon it. He calls many actions abominations, but nowhere does He call people abominations.

I really actually, sorta hope that some Phelps people read this, maybe they can explain how homosexuals are excluded from 'whosoever'. Myself, I'm ashamed that they affiliate themselves with Baptists, because this is not what Baptists believe. I can tell you right now that most true Baptists condemn what the Phelps group does as much as anyone else does.

And how would they explain this....

2 Peter 3:9

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance

Where in 'any' and 'all' are homosexuals excluded? That verse basically means that He's not being lazy, He's not being slow, but He's being patient because He doesn't want anyone to go to hell, He wants everyone to repent. Sounds like that includes homosexuals, murderers, rapists, liars, cheaters, Reverend Phelps and co., etc...

God hates sin, not the sinner. Reverend Phelps seems to have forgotten that, or he never knew it in the first place, or his bible for some reason left those verses out.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Three Hills Solitaire

Well, what do you know, a post that has nothing to do with Fringe ;)

I like to play an online card game called Three Hills Solitaire. If you've ever played Pyramid Solitaire then I shouldn't have to explain it-it's a solitaire game that doesn't require a lot of thinking as long as you can count. Aces, of course, are high or low, depending. Scoring is simple-the bigger runs score more, clearing a hill gets you a bonus and winning streaks net bonuses. Any cards left after you clear all three hills also nets a bonus-however many there are multiplies your score by that much-IOW, if you have 5 cards left then your final score is multiplied by 5.

In Three Hills, you get three interlocking pyramids to play from and the rules are basically the same, except you can use a wild card (named Oogah), if you can catch him, or buy him. The game gives you some rubies, and when you use them up you'll have to purchase more. I don't know how much they cost because I don't buy them, I just attempt to snag Oogah whenever he pops up behind a hill. You can only have one Oogah at a time, but you can use as many as you need, if you purchase rubies because you can then purchase Oogah as you need him. He sits in a little cage next to the playing field if you happen to have him and he's kind of cute when he jumps up and down trying to get out of it. He makes cute little noises and when you need him and let him out he goes "Woohoo!" and jumps on the pile.

There's also another little perk in this game. As you win a game, a little caterpillar starts crawling up a tree. If you win four games in a row, it reaches the top and turns into a cocoon. If you win the next game, you set the butterfly free from its cocoon and it flies away. You get different colored butterflies-I've gotten yellow, blue, red, green pink and purple.

In the lower levels it was quite easy to set the butterfly free, but now that I've gotten past level 15 (I think I'm at 17) it's gotten much harder to even win two games in a row. And if I do manage to win 4 in a row I hardly ever win the fifth game. Without Oogah now and then I wouldn't even be able to win some of them. I never use him unless I only have one upturned card on the playing field and the last card isn't a match, or if I have two upturned cards that will play-such as a 3 and a 4. I guess I'm not doing too badly, my win percentage is 51%, so I'm no slouch, I just hope I can continue to keep that up the higher I go.

Oh, and the game is at a site called Wonderhill, and is a Facebook application.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lost things

Did you ever put something down, leave it there, and when you go back to get it, it isn't there anymore and everyone claims they didn't touch it? Then after much fruitless searching, you find it exactly where you left it?

That's what happened to my cell phone. For a whole week I could not find it. I thought I'd put it in my bag, but I turned it inside-out. I thought maybe I moved it to my purse and dug through it, several time I might add, up to and including pulling stuff out of it. Then, exactly a week after it went missing, I looked in my purse again and there it was, in the bottom of it. Now, I will say that I have a black silicone cover on it so it would be hard to see, however any time it's touched, the screen and buttons light up. Anyway, it needed to be recharged, but is otherwise working fine.

It reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode where things disappear from where they're put and reappear later.

How it all started

Peter chose to go back with Walternate. I can't blame him. He didn't know that September told Walter that he could never go back, that the consequences would be disastrous, but Peter wouldn't have listened once he figured out he'd been lied to all of his life. So Walter holds as much blame as Peter does for his choosing to go back. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and he should have told Peter where he came from, why he was here and why he couldn't go back once he would have been old enough to understand. Then again, we always watch these things as if they're really happening and we always have our own ideas about what should have happened, not thinking about who's writing it and what their vision of it all is. Everything is all written out and scripted and there's nothing we can do about it except lament over how we could have done such and such better or how so-and-so is so wrong for what he did. Even the actors don't have as much control over their characters as they'd probably like to have and Joshua Jackson is no exception. I don't know how he feels about how Peter was written in the past, but I do know that he's at least the tiniest bit perturbed that the writers have written it so that Peter has been fooled by Red for a lot longer than he should have been and I've been saying that for a long time myself.

My feelings on the subject: both Walter and Peter were dumbed-down so that Red could remain undiscovered for longer and nothing anyone can say to me will convince me otherwise. Actually, several people agree with me, or haven't disputed it, when I said as much in review threads on the episodes at Ex Isle, a BBS that I frequent and am a Supermod at-Supermod being a moderator who can moderate any forum on the board, but who doesn't have administrative privileges. I can do anything the moderators can do, but the moderators are restricted to their assigned forums.

Why do I think that the two geniuses have been dumbed-down? Well, both of them have known Olivia for two years at the very least. Walter knows Olivia's moods without her ever having to say anything and Peter was falling in love with her through both years-yes, it was very subtle, and I still saw it, and I liked it. Peter, upon first meeting and speaking with Red, commented that her eyes were a different shade than Olivia's-one had darker eyes than the other, I can't remember which-then he didn't notice it once the switch was made? I've heard that love is blind, but we're talking about two geniuses here, who are two very observant men to boot, and neither of them, when they notice that the Olivia who is with them is different from the one that they've known for two years, think or say anything about it? Well, I admit that Peter did say something to Red about how different she was, but seemed to accept her (rather weak) explanation that crossing over had changed her. He never seemed to question it again-even when she got Casablanca wrong by asking if it was Ronald Reagan who starred in it. That should have been a trigger right there that she was from the other side, but no, he had to get a call from a cleaning lady in NY giving him Olivia's message before the light bulb went off and he's thinking "Oh shit, I'm f---ing the wrong Olivia!"

I know that was a crude way to put that, but it's no less true. I could pretty it up and instead say that he's thinking "Uh oh, I'm sleeping with the enemy!" but I'll stick with my first thought because that's what she's doing, she got desperate after he told her that how different he found her, and thus threw herself at him. She's supposed to have a fiance-at least that's what Wiki said that Frank is, he's at least her boyfriend, yet she had no trouble dragging Peter into her bed to protect her identity. I wonder how Frank will feel about that, or if she'll even tell him. Personally, I don't think having her throw herself at Peter like a cat in heat was necessary and since she did, I'm going to fault him again for not seeing that his Olivia would not have done that. Sure, she kissed him when she went to get him, but not like Red did when she threw herself at him. Olivia's kiss was full of emotion and Red's was nothing more than calculated to evoke the reaction that it did-namely get him horny and distracted and forget that he was becoming suspicious of her.

Oh well, writers often contradict themselves to make a story go the way they want it to go, I guess Fringe is no different.


Nothing to see here, just me babbling.

So, I've had some minor spoilers concerning future Fringe. Walternate is going to want to dissect Olivia to get at the Cortexiphan in her brain and Broyles is going to save her. Whether he does this because he's started questioning Walternate's methods or because he's paying her back for catching those kidnappers and saving his son remains to be seen. If he's anything like her Broyles, I'd vote for the first, he seems like an intelligent man who would question his leaders, especially if said leader was keeping vital information from him. I guess we'll see.

Also this will delay the real Peter/Olivia get-together as, understandably, he'll feel awful about letting himself be fooled by Red. Personally, I hope they do get together, though that isn't the sentiment of my friend, who still refuses to watch the show. She asks me questions, usually about whether Olivia is herself again, which is the point she wants to start watching again, though she wants her home too. She could care less if she gets together with Peter because she considers him an unworthy mate.

I think I should also explain here that her idea of worthy mate is not like most other people's. She has a unique view of the world and doesn't see things in quite the same way that the majority of us see it. She blames everything that's happened on Peter and his choosing to go back to Red universe with Walternate. She believes he betrayed everyone by doing so and that makes him unworthy. My feelings on the matter are that yes, he shares blame, but it isn't all his fault. Walter brought him back-to save his life, to be sure-but then he gave in to his wife and kept him instead of taking him back like he'd intended. To top it off, he never told Peter the truth, he figured it out on his own before Walter screwed up enough courage to tell him. Now, given all that, I can't blame him for wanting to go back. Come to think of it, Olivia probably shares a little blame herself for choosing not to tell Peter once she saw the glimmer around him, telling her that he was from the other side. In any case, Peter should not have all the blame put on him for what happened, he reacted like almost anyone would in that situation and I can't fault him for that. My friend can because she would have reacted differently and she's judging him by how she would have reacted, I can't fault that either. I think we all judge other people by what we would have done in a similar situation and that doesn't make one person more right than the other.

Anyway, on to moving Fringe to Friday nights. I don't think it conflicts with anything Hub likes to watch, so I'll just warn him ahead of time so he'll know. I don't think there will be a problem and if there is then I'll just catch it on Hulu/Fox website when it goes up. I'll get to see it one way or another. I only hope moving it around like that isn't a signal that it's coming to the end of its run. Personally, I don't like Idol and would rather it stayed where it was. Personally, I don't like many shows at all and usually watch History or Science channel when the documentaries are on, if I watch anything at all. I doubt Idol will miss my viewership since they have plenty of sqeeing fans to keep their ratings up. I have nothing against a young person wanting to become a pop star, but some of them, once they have, have let the stardom go to their heads-take that redheaded male, can't even remember his name-he's developed a cult following and I just don't see it. Sure, he has a nice voice and he had a nice personality, until he became popular. Then he turned into someone barely recognizable from the person who started out. And Taylor Swift-I think she won too. That girl gets on my nerves something awful, but she's got girls wanting to be like her and guys wanting to do her. I just don't see it. Her videos are trashy and mostly feature her rolling around, either on a bed or on the ground, while singing. The clothes are hideous and the makeup even worse.

Oh well, people are lemmings and sometimes follow the most idiotic things and nothing I say or do will change that.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I guess this is turning into a Fringe blog

Well, mostly. But Fringe is the only show I actually sit and watch when it's on. Why is it when I get interested in a show it gets cancelled? That's happened several times over the years-I get interested in a show, and it gets cancelled. I guess that's the reason I stopped watching television so much, every time I started liking a show it would get cancelled.

I will admit to watching daytime soaps years ago like it was an addiction. However they got to where they were just getting so stupid, I mean, everyone has slept with everyone else, gotten married, divorced, married again, cheated and got divorced again, left town, come back, died and still come back. Those shows are living cliffhangers though, and that made me leave most of all-every day the show would stop on a cliffhanger. I guess that was to keep the viewer coming back to see what would happen next, but geez, I really, really hate cliffhangers-I think I've said that before, but it bears repeating. I mean, what if a show ended its season on a cliffhanger and then didn't get picked up for another season, like what happened with Farscape? I never really watched it while it was playing, just caught the odd episode once in awhile, but I heard through a friend of mine that I speak with over MSN that the fallout from that happening made the producers go back about four years later and make a miniseries to resolve that cliffhanger.

I just hope Fringe resolves this problem with the merging parallel universes before Fox decides they're not going to pick them up for another season. And stop with the cliffhangers already! If you have to rely on cliffhangers to keep the audience coming back, you're doomed anyway. One day your show's fingers are going to slip off that cliff before the next season, then what are you going to do? There are no safety nets at the bottom of a cliff.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fringe moving to Fridays...

I hope it doesn't mean the end for this show, seems every time a show gets moved to Friday on Fox it doesn't make it. If it doesn't I hope the writers resolve this conflict-either have Red universe destroyed or have them find a way to fix the rifts and save both universes, then give Peter and Olivia their happy-ever-after.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Hub is watching WWE and it's about to make me want to barf. Yes, I know it's all scripted, but Edge covering a guy tied to a wheelchair in food is about the most idiotic, disgusting thing I've ever seen. Whoever is scripting that needs to have their ass whipped, I do not want to see this stuff, I'd rather see wrestling matches, but the WWE has degenerated to a bunch of idiots getting up in the ring and running their mouths or pretending to look around for their 'abducted father' or said 'father' being covered in food.

Please stop this asinine crap, WWE, pretty please?

Cooperative writing

I guess that's what you call what me and my friend do. Right now she's sending me snippets to proof and I correct spelling mistakes. If she wants me to proof the whole story, then I'd also proof for grammar and clean it up to where it's more readable. It's actually fun, we work it out over MSN when she wants to add in characters that she thinks I have a better grasp on than she does, then she adds it into her story.

The way my personal writing works is that I'll go through phases-I'll feel like writing for weeks at a time, then stop for awhile, up to a year or more at a time. I guess that's one reason that I would never make it as a writer-even if my writing was good enough to sell, I'm too inconsistent with it. I just write for my own amusement anyway and only share a tiny part of it with the public. Anyone who cared to look on my computer would find unfinished story after story after story. Well, so what? It's not like I have a deadline and if they're unfinished then that means I'll always have something to do when I feel like it.

It's no one's business but mine anyway, just like my opinions of Fringe. I can post them here anytime I like and no one can make me remove them unless they violate ToS, which they don't.

Anyway, I think Fringe is still a very good show, I just don't agree with what they're doing with Olivia. I enjoy watching the show, but they're so fond of cliffhangers that I almost don't want to watch it anymore. If a show is good enough, they shouldn't need to rely on cliffhangers to keep the audience watching. Besides, it could backfire on them like it did with Farscape-they ended a season on a cliffhanger and the show got cancelled. There was such a public outcry over it that they had to come back with a miniseries or something to resolve the cliffhanger. I hope this doesn't happen to Fringe.

Fringe: The Abducted (minor future spoilers)

Okay, I think I've calmed down enough from my disappointment in this episode to write something coherent now, even if no one ever reads it.

I'm not talking about the episode being bad, it wasn't really, the main plot with the kidnapper(s) was very entertaining. My disappointment stems from Olivia not being able to stay home once she cortexiphans herself. Why do the writers insist on putting her back at square one, practically?

And Peter...oh Peter, please don't get me started on Peter. I wanted to slap him, hard, when he didn't immediately pick up that something was wrong when Red said that Ronald Reagan was in Casablanca. Her hurried "I was kidding." Should have only made him that much more suspicious, but no, he kisses her and snuggles down with her just before his phone rings. It's the cleaning lady from the souvenir shop on Liberty Island. Olivia managed to convey to her his number and asked her to give him a message-"She's trapped in the other universe." THEN you see the light bulb go off in his head-"Hey, I'm sleeping with the wrong Olivia!"

The only saving grace to this whole "he's suddenly so dense a rock would shatter if it hit him in the head.' is that even the actor is a bit perturbed over it. Geez, when Peter first met Red after going over with Walternate, he commented to her that her eyes were a different shade than Olivia's-one Olivia has darker eyes than the other, I can't remember which one, but he didn't seem to notice that discrepancy after the switch and I just can't imagine why the writers would make such a faux pas. If he noticed it upon first meeting, why was he suddenly blind to it when she switched?

And that's where it ends. Writers, this damsel in distress thing is getting boring. And I'm not ranting too badly about it this time since I picked up some spoilers for the next one come December, namely that she's going to be almost dissected but RedBroyles will save her. I saw something to that effect the minute he uttered "I'll never forget what you did." after she saved that abducted boy. I just knew that he would be her other ally over there and that he might somehow help send her home without Peter going over there to try to play the hero and possibly getting captured himself and forced/blackmailed into activating the machine. I'm glad I learned he won't have a hand in getting her back home because that would just be too predictable-he knows good and well that he can't set foot in Red universe again because he's the only one who can activate the doomsday machine, so unless he figures out how to use it to seal the rifts without hurting either universe or himself, he's much better off staying in Blue universe.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My beef with Fringe and why I think they've dumbed-down Walter and Peter

Just in case I get some people who read my previous post and think "Well, the two Olivias look identical.", let me disabuse you of that right now. The two Olivias look NEARLY identical, but other than that they're two different personalities. Even though Red dyed her hair, she still is nothing like Olivia.

Now to the dumbing-down. Walter, in several episodes, could deduce Olivia's moods even when she wasn't saying anything. He spent two years with her, he should know her in and out, and as I said, Red is nothing like Olivia. He's a genius, trained to observe since he's a scientist and he can't tell he has the wrong Olivia? Give me a break, he should have noticed within a day or two. Writers have dumbed him down.

Peter, in the S2 ender, was talking to Red and telling her that he liked her hair better (though his tone of voice and facial expressions said otherwise). He also mentions that, while they do look nearly identical, one of the Olivias (can't remember which he said) had darker eyes than the other. Now, back in Blue universe and half a season is nearing and he hasn't noticed the difference in eye tone like he did upon first meeting? Dumbed-down, he should have noticed within a day or two, after all, he's also a genius, son of a scientist and a scientist himself, so he should be that observant.

It's writer contrivance to keep Red in the BlueVerse for a longer period of time. She should not have been able to fool them for that long, she was sent over there knowing nothing about Olivia except what she gleaned in that short meeting at her place where they fought before Olivia dyed her hair to pass as Red to go get Peter. Red does not have a photographic memory, Peter should have noticed her hesitation in the last episode when he asked for the list of numbers, he should have noticed when she appeared not to remember the bookseller, he should put two and two together and realize that shapeshifters keep dying around her before they can capture them and that their dorsal doohickeys are mysteriously being rendered unusable. The clues are there, the writers have Walter and Peter blind to them, even though they're the most observant of people otherwise.

Writers, Walter and Peter are FUBAR so far, I hope it gets better.

About my avatar

I decided to change my avatar. As you can see, it's an infamous picture of Horatio Caine removing his shades. I doubt it's the one I'm thinking of (the ep where it's implied he beat the stuffing out of a pedophile), but it reminds me so much of that ep since he did remove his shades just before (or just after) that infamous line "You're resisting arrest." I have to say that is my favorite scene out of all of the CSI: Miami eps I've ever seen. I haven't watched it much since just after H went to SA and killed all those people (Another favorite line of mine-"Mala Noches justice, meet Miami justice." *Pow*) because I just don't watch television like I used to. Hub has control of the remote, however, he does give me control of it on Thursday nights at 8:00pm when I watch the only show that really interests me-Fringe.

Now, I really do like to watch Fringe, but I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in S3 so far. Not in content exactly, but because they essentially erased Olivia Dunham and gave us two alt-Olivias to watch every week with only glimpses of the original Olivia peeking through now and then. Then they dumbed-down both Walter and Peter so they wouldn't notice the difference as quickly as they should have (like within a day or two at the most, IMO). Since it looks like the brainwashing is about to be resolved, hopefully the show will get better. I'm not impressed with the eps from the alternate universe-if they were meant to evoke sympathy for the alt-characters, they did a piss-poor job of it because the more I watch them the more I want to assassinate Walternate. As for HarveyPeter, I actually don't object to that too much, though really we should have had a HarveyOlivia of some kind instead since he represents her real self trying to reassert herself. But I also understand that Joshua Jackson was paid to appear in every episode, so this was a plausible way to do that. I'm hoping tonight's episode is going to see her finally getting home and Red either getting caught or forced to run. Either way, I want to shoot her and the writers for putting her in bed with Peter, that was unnecessary-they didn't put Olivia into bed with Frank, did they? No, they actually had her practically running from him like he had malaria when he kissed her. What's wrong with giving lead characters happily-ever-afters now and then instead of almost-getting-togethers/postponing-get-together, because we just know that this little escapade of hers is going to delay Peter/Olivia really getting together, if they actually allow that at all. Come on writers, be original for once, give them happy-ever-after! We're (or at least I'm) getting sick of the hero getting the girl, then she dies, or almost getting the girl, then she dies, or delayed getting the girl because someone else/twin sleeps with him, fostering mistrust/angst on her part/angst on his.

Now, I'm not against angst, but it's getting overused these days, especially to keep people apart. Why do the writers not want their characters to be happily mated? Notice I said mated and not married-two entirely different things. Is it because it will upset the fans who daydream about bedding the character themselves? Do they simply like to read all the fanfiction from 'shippers who put them together anyway just to see the different ways it's done? What? Writers, please explain yourselves. The only people I know of who are truly happy being alone are Aromantic Asexuals, and as we've seen, Peter and Olivia are far from asexual. Personally, if your reasoning is that you wouldn't be able to put them into bed with just anyone if they were in a romantic relationship with each other then that is the flimsiest reason of all-I actually severely dislike any tv/movie character who bed-hops on a regular basis, that is not a message I would want my grandchildren to learn from any tv show.


You know, speaking of fanfiction (I did in my previous post), it's a good way for fans of certain shows to show off their favorite characters in ways that they think they should be. It may not always be in ways other fans might think is appropriate, but hey, life is a jigsaw puzzle and no two pieces are the same, but they fit together to show the whole picture.

Huh, since when did I become philosophical? I guess we do get smarter, or at least more sensible, as we get some age on us. At least most of us do, I suppose.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I don't really think I'm a good fanfiction writer, I prefer to make up my own characters and my own scenarios-usually choosing a slightly sci-fi/fantasy type setting. However, the definition of fanfiction as defined by Wiki means I've probably done a fanfiction story or two. I'm actually working on one based on Dragon Age: Origins using one of my avatars as a main character and one of DA:O's as a second lead and using several other characters in bit parts. However, I could never do fanfiction like my aforementioned British friend can-take episodes from every season and write up her original character in them, stay mostly true to said episode and insert her own original plots. Essentially, she's taking each season and rewriting them to her own liking. No one is likely going to read them as she's so private, and I only get glimpses of what she's really writing since I help her with main plot points when she's stuck. What I like to do is borrow the characters for COs or AUs, so I guess I do fanfiction once in awhile, and, like my friend, no one is likely to read much of what I write since I keep almost all of it private, with a few exceptions on FictionPress of a couple of original stories I wrote. One might be considered fanfiction since I borrowed a few characters from a tv show and stuck them in it, so it's likely slightly fanfiction AU. However it's mostly original characters so I'm leaving it where it is. I guess the fanfiction world is also a jigsaw puzzle, no one writes the same story as anyone else but it somehow all fits together in the end.

So, let's not worry about whether we're a good writer or not and just have fun however we can.

Rambling on

I feel like rambling, so I will.

I have a friend who lives in England (I live in the SEUS) and we've been talking over MSN for the better part of four years now, pretty much ever since she started university over there to learn to be a CSI, specializing in forensic biology. Yes, I'm old enough to be her mother, but age is not, and should never be, a factor when it comes to making friends.

Anyway, we like to do what we call arcs-writing stories together. I also help her with her fanfiction which she writes, mainly about CSI Miami, NY and Fringe. I won't go into specifics because she's a very private person (which is why I'm not giving her name or handle. She's very good at weaving her own unique character into the plots that interest her from the various seasons and we write back and forth in a fairly unique manner, not in prose style, she translates all that we do into that. It's more like...well this:

Charlie: *Glances up when Broyles walks in.* How's it going?

Get it? Good. We also sometimes just did what we called games where she would 'borrow' characters/worlds/whatever from any show/movie/vidgame that caught her fancy, then we would add in our own made-up characters, she would come up with a plot and we'd take off. Now, some of you would think that's silly-an old woman and a young ladyl playing games like that most of the day, and it probably is, but it's also a lot of fun and much more satisfying than say....going out, getting drunk, screwing someone you picked up wherever you got drunk at, then waking up and not even remembering what you did or who the hell that was in bed with you. Me, I prefer to remember when I had a good time, as well as who I had a good time with and going out to find sex is not my idea of a good time. Sex is for procreation only and I've never seen where it's so much fun that I just had to go out looking for it. If that bothers some people, then oh well, my husband is quite enough to keep me home and at least he knows where I'm at when I'm sitting at my laptop.

But enough about all that. We pretty much stopped our games, after several years it was hard for either of us to come up with unique plots to play so now I just co-write fanfic with her.

Toodle-oo ;)