Monday, November 22, 2010

Lost things

Did you ever put something down, leave it there, and when you go back to get it, it isn't there anymore and everyone claims they didn't touch it? Then after much fruitless searching, you find it exactly where you left it?

That's what happened to my cell phone. For a whole week I could not find it. I thought I'd put it in my bag, but I turned it inside-out. I thought maybe I moved it to my purse and dug through it, several time I might add, up to and including pulling stuff out of it. Then, exactly a week after it went missing, I looked in my purse again and there it was, in the bottom of it. Now, I will say that I have a black silicone cover on it so it would be hard to see, however any time it's touched, the screen and buttons light up. Anyway, it needed to be recharged, but is otherwise working fine.

It reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode where things disappear from where they're put and reappear later.

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