Monday, November 22, 2010


Nothing to see here, just me babbling.

So, I've had some minor spoilers concerning future Fringe. Walternate is going to want to dissect Olivia to get at the Cortexiphan in her brain and Broyles is going to save her. Whether he does this because he's started questioning Walternate's methods or because he's paying her back for catching those kidnappers and saving his son remains to be seen. If he's anything like her Broyles, I'd vote for the first, he seems like an intelligent man who would question his leaders, especially if said leader was keeping vital information from him. I guess we'll see.

Also this will delay the real Peter/Olivia get-together as, understandably, he'll feel awful about letting himself be fooled by Red. Personally, I hope they do get together, though that isn't the sentiment of my friend, who still refuses to watch the show. She asks me questions, usually about whether Olivia is herself again, which is the point she wants to start watching again, though she wants her home too. She could care less if she gets together with Peter because she considers him an unworthy mate.

I think I should also explain here that her idea of worthy mate is not like most other people's. She has a unique view of the world and doesn't see things in quite the same way that the majority of us see it. She blames everything that's happened on Peter and his choosing to go back to Red universe with Walternate. She believes he betrayed everyone by doing so and that makes him unworthy. My feelings on the matter are that yes, he shares blame, but it isn't all his fault. Walter brought him back-to save his life, to be sure-but then he gave in to his wife and kept him instead of taking him back like he'd intended. To top it off, he never told Peter the truth, he figured it out on his own before Walter screwed up enough courage to tell him. Now, given all that, I can't blame him for wanting to go back. Come to think of it, Olivia probably shares a little blame herself for choosing not to tell Peter once she saw the glimmer around him, telling her that he was from the other side. In any case, Peter should not have all the blame put on him for what happened, he reacted like almost anyone would in that situation and I can't fault him for that. My friend can because she would have reacted differently and she's judging him by how she would have reacted, I can't fault that either. I think we all judge other people by what we would have done in a similar situation and that doesn't make one person more right than the other.

Anyway, on to moving Fringe to Friday nights. I don't think it conflicts with anything Hub likes to watch, so I'll just warn him ahead of time so he'll know. I don't think there will be a problem and if there is then I'll just catch it on Hulu/Fox website when it goes up. I'll get to see it one way or another. I only hope moving it around like that isn't a signal that it's coming to the end of its run. Personally, I don't like Idol and would rather it stayed where it was. Personally, I don't like many shows at all and usually watch History or Science channel when the documentaries are on, if I watch anything at all. I doubt Idol will miss my viewership since they have plenty of sqeeing fans to keep their ratings up. I have nothing against a young person wanting to become a pop star, but some of them, once they have, have let the stardom go to their heads-take that redheaded male, can't even remember his name-he's developed a cult following and I just don't see it. Sure, he has a nice voice and he had a nice personality, until he became popular. Then he turned into someone barely recognizable from the person who started out. And Taylor Swift-I think she won too. That girl gets on my nerves something awful, but she's got girls wanting to be like her and guys wanting to do her. I just don't see it. Her videos are trashy and mostly feature her rolling around, either on a bed or on the ground, while singing. The clothes are hideous and the makeup even worse.

Oh well, people are lemmings and sometimes follow the most idiotic things and nothing I say or do will change that.

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