Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Three Hills Solitaire

Well, what do you know, a post that has nothing to do with Fringe ;)

I like to play an online card game called Three Hills Solitaire. If you've ever played Pyramid Solitaire then I shouldn't have to explain it-it's a solitaire game that doesn't require a lot of thinking as long as you can count. Aces, of course, are high or low, depending. Scoring is simple-the bigger runs score more, clearing a hill gets you a bonus and winning streaks net bonuses. Any cards left after you clear all three hills also nets a bonus-however many there are multiplies your score by that much-IOW, if you have 5 cards left then your final score is multiplied by 5.

In Three Hills, you get three interlocking pyramids to play from and the rules are basically the same, except you can use a wild card (named Oogah), if you can catch him, or buy him. The game gives you some rubies, and when you use them up you'll have to purchase more. I don't know how much they cost because I don't buy them, I just attempt to snag Oogah whenever he pops up behind a hill. You can only have one Oogah at a time, but you can use as many as you need, if you purchase rubies because you can then purchase Oogah as you need him. He sits in a little cage next to the playing field if you happen to have him and he's kind of cute when he jumps up and down trying to get out of it. He makes cute little noises and when you need him and let him out he goes "Woohoo!" and jumps on the pile.

There's also another little perk in this game. As you win a game, a little caterpillar starts crawling up a tree. If you win four games in a row, it reaches the top and turns into a cocoon. If you win the next game, you set the butterfly free from its cocoon and it flies away. You get different colored butterflies-I've gotten yellow, blue, red, green pink and purple.

In the lower levels it was quite easy to set the butterfly free, but now that I've gotten past level 15 (I think I'm at 17) it's gotten much harder to even win two games in a row. And if I do manage to win 4 in a row I hardly ever win the fifth game. Without Oogah now and then I wouldn't even be able to win some of them. I never use him unless I only have one upturned card on the playing field and the last card isn't a match, or if I have two upturned cards that will play-such as a 3 and a 4. I guess I'm not doing too badly, my win percentage is 51%, so I'm no slouch, I just hope I can continue to keep that up the higher I go.

Oh, and the game is at a site called Wonderhill, and is a Facebook application.

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