Sunday, November 21, 2010

I guess this is turning into a Fringe blog

Well, mostly. But Fringe is the only show I actually sit and watch when it's on. Why is it when I get interested in a show it gets cancelled? That's happened several times over the years-I get interested in a show, and it gets cancelled. I guess that's the reason I stopped watching television so much, every time I started liking a show it would get cancelled.

I will admit to watching daytime soaps years ago like it was an addiction. However they got to where they were just getting so stupid, I mean, everyone has slept with everyone else, gotten married, divorced, married again, cheated and got divorced again, left town, come back, died and still come back. Those shows are living cliffhangers though, and that made me leave most of all-every day the show would stop on a cliffhanger. I guess that was to keep the viewer coming back to see what would happen next, but geez, I really, really hate cliffhangers-I think I've said that before, but it bears repeating. I mean, what if a show ended its season on a cliffhanger and then didn't get picked up for another season, like what happened with Farscape? I never really watched it while it was playing, just caught the odd episode once in awhile, but I heard through a friend of mine that I speak with over MSN that the fallout from that happening made the producers go back about four years later and make a miniseries to resolve that cliffhanger.

I just hope Fringe resolves this problem with the merging parallel universes before Fox decides they're not going to pick them up for another season. And stop with the cliffhangers already! If you have to rely on cliffhangers to keep the audience coming back, you're doomed anyway. One day your show's fingers are going to slip off that cliff before the next season, then what are you going to do? There are no safety nets at the bottom of a cliff.

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