Friday, November 26, 2010


Why are people so hooked on it? It's here today and gone tomorrow and is never affordable. I haven't bought any new clothes in....I don't know when.

Okay, sure some trends look really nice, but only if you have the looks to pull it off. Me, I don't. I just go with what's comfortable to wear and don't worry about what others think looks good or what trend is trendy today. Personally, to keep up with what's what in the fashion world (which only puts money in the fashion designer's pocket) I'd go bankrupt and die of a heart attack from worrying about whether I have the right style or not.

Same goes for people on talk shows when the topic is makeover. When the makeover is done, who is going to pay to keep it that way? That's right, the makeoveree (and yes, I made that up). Usually it's some family member who's embarrassed by what the person is choosing to wear. I say leave them alone and let them wear what they want, it's none of your business. And if you're embarrassed to be seen with your mom because of her wardrobe/hairstyle/whatever, then YOU pay to make her over, then YOU buy her the appropriate clothes to maintain the look. Don't go all whiny and say "Mom, you need to change your look." unless you're prepared to pay for said new look, especially if mom doesn't want to/can't afford to change her look.

Where did this mini rant come from? I came across an article titled "Would you wear ankle socks with heels?" Sure, it was from last year or something, but the title just set me on edge. Who cares if I would or wouldn't wear this or that? It's no one's business but my own. To that article I say I'll wear whatever I want to wear and if people don't want to look at it, they can find something else to look at. Who cares if it makes my short legs look shorter or if it makes me look bigger than I already am? If I like it and it's comfortable then I'll wear it. Those women who go sighing off saying "Oh that makes her legs look sooooooo long!" make we want to puke, literally. "Don't wear socks like that with heels, it'll just make your legs look shorter." Who the *bleep* cares? Wear whatever you want and if someone tells you it's wrong or makes you look <insert description here>, tell them to *bleep* off.

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