Thursday, November 18, 2010


You know, speaking of fanfiction (I did in my previous post), it's a good way for fans of certain shows to show off their favorite characters in ways that they think they should be. It may not always be in ways other fans might think is appropriate, but hey, life is a jigsaw puzzle and no two pieces are the same, but they fit together to show the whole picture.

Huh, since when did I become philosophical? I guess we do get smarter, or at least more sensible, as we get some age on us. At least most of us do, I suppose.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I don't really think I'm a good fanfiction writer, I prefer to make up my own characters and my own scenarios-usually choosing a slightly sci-fi/fantasy type setting. However, the definition of fanfiction as defined by Wiki means I've probably done a fanfiction story or two. I'm actually working on one based on Dragon Age: Origins using one of my avatars as a main character and one of DA:O's as a second lead and using several other characters in bit parts. However, I could never do fanfiction like my aforementioned British friend can-take episodes from every season and write up her original character in them, stay mostly true to said episode and insert her own original plots. Essentially, she's taking each season and rewriting them to her own liking. No one is likely going to read them as she's so private, and I only get glimpses of what she's really writing since I help her with main plot points when she's stuck. What I like to do is borrow the characters for COs or AUs, so I guess I do fanfiction once in awhile, and, like my friend, no one is likely to read much of what I write since I keep almost all of it private, with a few exceptions on FictionPress of a couple of original stories I wrote. One might be considered fanfiction since I borrowed a few characters from a tv show and stuck them in it, so it's likely slightly fanfiction AU. However it's mostly original characters so I'm leaving it where it is. I guess the fanfiction world is also a jigsaw puzzle, no one writes the same story as anyone else but it somehow all fits together in the end.

So, let's not worry about whether we're a good writer or not and just have fun however we can.

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