Friday, November 19, 2010

Cooperative writing

I guess that's what you call what me and my friend do. Right now she's sending me snippets to proof and I correct spelling mistakes. If she wants me to proof the whole story, then I'd also proof for grammar and clean it up to where it's more readable. It's actually fun, we work it out over MSN when she wants to add in characters that she thinks I have a better grasp on than she does, then she adds it into her story.

The way my personal writing works is that I'll go through phases-I'll feel like writing for weeks at a time, then stop for awhile, up to a year or more at a time. I guess that's one reason that I would never make it as a writer-even if my writing was good enough to sell, I'm too inconsistent with it. I just write for my own amusement anyway and only share a tiny part of it with the public. Anyone who cared to look on my computer would find unfinished story after story after story. Well, so what? It's not like I have a deadline and if they're unfinished then that means I'll always have something to do when I feel like it.

It's no one's business but mine anyway, just like my opinions of Fringe. I can post them here anytime I like and no one can make me remove them unless they violate ToS, which they don't.

Anyway, I think Fringe is still a very good show, I just don't agree with what they're doing with Olivia. I enjoy watching the show, but they're so fond of cliffhangers that I almost don't want to watch it anymore. If a show is good enough, they shouldn't need to rely on cliffhangers to keep the audience watching. Besides, it could backfire on them like it did with Farscape-they ended a season on a cliffhanger and the show got cancelled. There was such a public outcry over it that they had to come back with a miniseries or something to resolve the cliffhanger. I hope this doesn't happen to Fringe.

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