Thursday, November 18, 2010

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I decided to change my avatar. As you can see, it's an infamous picture of Horatio Caine removing his shades. I doubt it's the one I'm thinking of (the ep where it's implied he beat the stuffing out of a pedophile), but it reminds me so much of that ep since he did remove his shades just before (or just after) that infamous line "You're resisting arrest." I have to say that is my favorite scene out of all of the CSI: Miami eps I've ever seen. I haven't watched it much since just after H went to SA and killed all those people (Another favorite line of mine-"Mala Noches justice, meet Miami justice." *Pow*) because I just don't watch television like I used to. Hub has control of the remote, however, he does give me control of it on Thursday nights at 8:00pm when I watch the only show that really interests me-Fringe.

Now, I really do like to watch Fringe, but I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in S3 so far. Not in content exactly, but because they essentially erased Olivia Dunham and gave us two alt-Olivias to watch every week with only glimpses of the original Olivia peeking through now and then. Then they dumbed-down both Walter and Peter so they wouldn't notice the difference as quickly as they should have (like within a day or two at the most, IMO). Since it looks like the brainwashing is about to be resolved, hopefully the show will get better. I'm not impressed with the eps from the alternate universe-if they were meant to evoke sympathy for the alt-characters, they did a piss-poor job of it because the more I watch them the more I want to assassinate Walternate. As for HarveyPeter, I actually don't object to that too much, though really we should have had a HarveyOlivia of some kind instead since he represents her real self trying to reassert herself. But I also understand that Joshua Jackson was paid to appear in every episode, so this was a plausible way to do that. I'm hoping tonight's episode is going to see her finally getting home and Red either getting caught or forced to run. Either way, I want to shoot her and the writers for putting her in bed with Peter, that was unnecessary-they didn't put Olivia into bed with Frank, did they? No, they actually had her practically running from him like he had malaria when he kissed her. What's wrong with giving lead characters happily-ever-afters now and then instead of almost-getting-togethers/postponing-get-together, because we just know that this little escapade of hers is going to delay Peter/Olivia really getting together, if they actually allow that at all. Come on writers, be original for once, give them happy-ever-after! We're (or at least I'm) getting sick of the hero getting the girl, then she dies, or almost getting the girl, then she dies, or delayed getting the girl because someone else/twin sleeps with him, fostering mistrust/angst on her part/angst on his.

Now, I'm not against angst, but it's getting overused these days, especially to keep people apart. Why do the writers not want their characters to be happily mated? Notice I said mated and not married-two entirely different things. Is it because it will upset the fans who daydream about bedding the character themselves? Do they simply like to read all the fanfiction from 'shippers who put them together anyway just to see the different ways it's done? What? Writers, please explain yourselves. The only people I know of who are truly happy being alone are Aromantic Asexuals, and as we've seen, Peter and Olivia are far from asexual. Personally, if your reasoning is that you wouldn't be able to put them into bed with just anyone if they were in a romantic relationship with each other then that is the flimsiest reason of all-I actually severely dislike any tv/movie character who bed-hops on a regular basis, that is not a message I would want my grandchildren to learn from any tv show.

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