Thursday, December 23, 2010

Really Amused

Now that I've calmed down from the fracas that happened on the BBS, I'm really quite amused. Before I go any farther, I actually got an apology from the poster. An apology of sorts-he'd started an offbeat 'Merry Christmas' thread in the general/spam forum and I responded with a Merry Christmas to him. Anyway, nothing more need be said, things have calmed down and are back to normal-for a BBS, that is.

What am I amused about? He had not only accused me of lying (misunderstanding doesn't constitute lying, but that's semantics), baiting (none was intended, it was inferred) and 'throwing my weight around'. It's this last that has me so amused.

Why? Well, unlike a lot of people, my online persona is not much different from my RL persona. In fact, both are so close as to be indistinguishable from each other. I have many friends on that BBS who I only know through that BBS and have never met in RL, though if we did meet, they would know me, I'm just the same. Anyway, my RL friends, who are mostly members of the church I attend, would look at you like you were an alien if you were to ever tell them that the middle-aged lady sitting off by herself knitting socks likes to throw her weight around (all 200 lbs of it). It should be the same for the people who only know me online. Heck, I mostly read in the forum I'm moderating and usually let the other mod do most of the talking in there, so when, through all the swearing and general orders to 'f***k off', he said I liked throwing my weight around, I couldn't do much but sit there and chuckle. I even told him (and he probably didn't even bother reading it-at the time) that I could probably count on one hand the number of times I'd ever handed out a warning in that forum and that his accusation was BS.

Nevertheless, we've both pretty much let things slide, whether it's because of the holidays or what I really don't care. I don't like conflict and am a big fat chicken who will run and hide in the corner when it comes up. I'll sit in my corner and knit socks until things cool down, IOW.

Anyway, Merry Christmas again.

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