Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blogging for the heck of it

I'm kinda glad no one reads this, I can post pretty much what's on my mind without someone getting their knickers in a twist about it. Though what I do post shouldn't have anyone getting their knickers anywhere, unless they happen to violently disagree with something I say about Fringe. Even my friend I MSN with all the time doesn't know where this blog is, all she knows is that I have several blogs around the interwebs that I post in from time to time.

Speaking of Fringe, she and I have pretty much waylaid Red pretty good. Now we have her on the mend from it (hey, we're not totally heartless, we'll let her mend, then waylay her again, it's what we do, even to characters we like).

What have we waylaid her with? Well....vampires. A Daywalker owner of a vampire brothel took a liking to her and kidnapped her for his toy. After he got inside her head and figured out what was going on, he had to change his plans for her a bit. I won't go into any details, but suffice to say what happened broke her pretty good, see, he kept her for five days and shared her too, she's now pregnant with a dhampir and can't abort it without fatal consequences for her. See, in our world, we get to decide the physiology of things, and the dhampir cannot be terminated unless it's terminated after birth, doubtful to happen, but also doubtful Red will want to keep and raise it, so we'll just figure out what to do with it.

Also in our version, turns out Red was brainwashed into doing what she did and Vaughn's telepathic manipulation of her over five days screwed all that up, so I guess he did a good thing. Now that they know, she'll probably have more sympathy from them. I'll have to wait and watch Red at home some more before I'll actually have any kind of liking for her myself, we're just making her more likable in our stories. Knowing that she's been manipulated by Walternate will have her getting very angry, because of it, she was now permanently scarred from her encounter with Vaughn and company.

For the moment, Vaughn has gotten away scot-free with what he did, because he cut a deal with Roxy-a vampire working with the FBI. He and his nest will stop their persecution of her in exchange for getting Red back, along with all the information he ripped from her mind. Once that was done, he moved his brothel. Roxy decided to torment Red some more (angel face) by arranging for the safe house to keep Red in so the shapeshifters couldn't find her. She chained her up in a room exactly like the room she'd been held captive in, along with a guard who looked exactly like Vaughn and regular visits from a male, hands-on doctor. Now, the doctor and guard had no idea what was going on and neither did Roxy's superiors, until five weeks later when Red was supposed to be sent home. Once it was discovered that Roxy flouted all protocol concerning prisoners and such, she was bawled out, but it probably didn't do any good-what kind of disciplinary action do you give a vampire? Anyway, Red is too weak from the pregnancy to be sent home and the news of it is highly classified while they hunt down Vaughn's new nest-which they just got quite good intel from Red about it as she told them how they operated-Vaughn thoughtfully boasted about it while he held her prisoner, thinking she'd be executed as a spy before she could impart that knowledge (or maybe hoping they wouldn't believe her if she did).

All in all, I think I've just about satisfied my discontent with the writers allowing Red to escape mass murder charges scot-free while Olivia has to deal with almost being dissected and then coming home to find out Peter unwittingly betrayed her with Red.

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