Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I finished one, but it needs work. It looks real nice, but the foot is too small. The top ribbing is fine, so I think I'll have to adjust it by making the foot in the next size and decrease down to the first size for the top ribbing. I also think I want to make turned cuff, so the ribbing will have to be longer.

That's the way it is with knitting, adjusting the pattern to meet your needs, which means not always making it exactly as directed. I was right though, the k1p1 ribbing looks much better than the k2p2, though that's a matter of personal taste. Since I'll be wearing them I will make them the way I like them.

They do look like the photo in the pattern, so I'm doing good.

The changes I made were trivial-I sewed the extra sole on before sewing the bootie together, then I sewed from the top ribbing all the way around to the toe in one big seam, catching both thicknesses when I reached the sole. And, as I said before, I did k1p1 ribbing at the top.

The next changes will be making the large size foot and decreasing to the medium ankle ribbing. It will make the bootie itself slightly larger, unless I put some extra decreases into a few rows to make it come out right. I'll decide as I go on that.

More to come when I start the revised bootie.

ETA: I've decided on a two-color pair since I'm redoing them anyway. I'm going to make the main part in the same color as the previous one-pale purple, then do the outer sole and ribbing in black. I think that'll look really nice together.

Also, I think that sewing the outer sole together and the bottom of the bootie together separately is a bad idea-to me, that means the two won't be attached to each other and could be a cause for concern. My way seems better-sew the strip to the bootie where it's supposed to go on the outside, then fold in half with right sides together and sew the back of the bootie, sewing through both layers of the sole at the same time when you get to them makes better sense, then the two are joined, no slippage and you still have a double thick, comfy sole.

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