Friday, December 10, 2010

Was reading an article

This is a quote from one of the commentors:
I love Fringe but very happy to see the lame-assed romance between Peter and Olivia die. Really people – do you not learn from history? Anytime an infatuation comes to fruition, the series dies. Look at Moonlighting and The X-Files. Stick to the weird stuff and leave the romance to that other bastion of idiocy Twilight.
 I've never watched Twilight because it's never appealed to me, it seems to be aimed at teens, I think. Romance in a show does not always mean the show is going to die, neither does moving it to Friday nights. Why Fox has shot so many popular shows to death is really beyond me and if they shoot Fringe before the storyline of the conflict between the two universes can be resolved then I'm pretty sure Fox will be doomed. The only thing I watch on Fox, like many fan comments I've seen, is Fringe. And Saints football. After football season it'll be back to Fringe, if it's still around.

If they kill it before the overall arc is resolved then I hope the producers resolve it with either a miniseries or movie like Farscape did. However, I would much rather see it play out over several more seasons. I'm not so naive to think that the show will run forever, but I'd like to see it go for at least six or eight seasons before being canceled.

Why are there so many reality/idol-type shows on tv now? Are people really so brain-dead that the only thing they'll watch is that stuff that doesn't take any kind of thinking at all? Can't the networks let us people who like to think about things keep our one show? Can't one romantic relationship go on without constantly being broken up/delayed? I have nothing against co-stars getting together, in fact, I like it very much.

People who really think that Idol is such a 'great' show better think again. If I was to guess, I'd say the winner is decided long before the call-in portion of the show airs and the whole thing is fixed. I've seen too many genuinely good singers who didn't make it while someone with considerably less talent wins. I stopped watching Idol many, many years ago because it was so predictable.

In fact, while the tv is the very first thing Hubs turns on when we either get home or when he wakes on weekend mornings, I couldn't tell you from one hour to the next what's playing on it-except when it's time for Fringe to come on. I usually have my head stuck in my computer, talking to my evil friend and checking out EI. I never turn the blasted thing on if I'm home alone. I might leave it running on whatever station he puts it on when he turns it on and then leaves the room or house, but I don't turn it on unless the grandkids are there and want to watch it.

Oh, one other quote from a disgruntled viewer made me giggle:

If Fox stop the show, I will move my ass to the alternate universe and get my fix with Foxternate !

I think I'll join her ;)

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