Monday, December 6, 2010

The two Olivias

Yeah, sure, more rants about Fringe, but this time it's a real gripe. I'm really not very happy about how Olivia came back home damaged and Red got to go home scot-free without any kind of damage at all. I suppose it would have to be explained that she had to appear as normal as possible to facilitate the illusion that she never really left, but I'm really pissed off.

Olivia was brainwashed and nearly had her spine ripped out before Broyles freed her, that's going to take its toll on her. Peter isn't undamaged either, he's been raped-for all accounts and purposes-and has to deal with the fact that he hasn't been sleeping with his Olivia all this time and that she's been stuck over there having god-knows-what done to her. More or less, now we get to see Peter dealing with his crisis and guilt and Olivia dealing with all the traumatic things that happened to her at Walternate's hand while Red gets off scot-free. Not fair by a long shot.

I can say though-Thank you, God, for fanfiction writers. my best friend is one and she's just as upset as I am over the uneven treatment of both Olivias. In her stories, Red will not only leave Blueverse damaged, she'll also get even more damaged when she gets home.

Cue devil face and maniacal laughing.

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