Monday, December 27, 2010

Hope everyone had a great Christmas

I know I did. No, I didn't get a ton of presents, but I didn't want a ton of presents. I did get a new-to-me laptop.

Someone gave my son a Dell Inspiron e1505 that still works, though it has a few bugs. Nothing to do with the way it works, though, let me be more specific:

It needs a battery. The battery is bad and isn't even being detected, easily replaced when I get the money.
The left shift key is missing. Not an insurmountable problem, just a matter of training my right hand to do the shifting.
The touchpad only partially works. I can move the cursor around, tap and right-click, but the left-click button doesn't work and it doesn't scroll. I can scroll using the arrow keys and if I need to click/drag something I can use the wireless mouse I installed on it until I can get a new touchpad.

See? No problem that isn't insurmountable, especially considering my other computer blinked at the slightest vibration. See, it has a loose plug-in connector so anytime it jiggled even a little, my screen would blink. Also, my touchpad on that one doesn't work at all, hence the wireless mouse.

The best thing about the new computer? It has a bigger screen. A smaller HDD, but I don't need a lot of space, and I'll get a case for the one out of my other computer and turn it into a backup since it's larger.

All in all, I like the Dell better.

Now, for something totally unrelated...

I found a free knitting pattern for a pair of adult booties. They look very comfy and I'm about halfway through completing the first one. However, I don't like purling two together through the back loop, nor knitting two together through the back loop, so I'm doing a ssk there. Gonna try a ssp on the flip side and see how that works, the ssk is certainly much easier to accomplish.

Also, I'm going to swap the k2p2 top ribbing and do k1p1 ribbing instead. I like the 1x1 ribbing, I think it looks neater and hugs the ankle better than 2x2 ribbing. other than that, I'm knitting them as instructed.


Click the link above to see them and I'll post pictures as soon as I get them done. I'm using pale purple yarn to do them with.

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