Friday, December 3, 2010

New Fringe

I have to say, this was an excellent episode, even though it was quite dizzying when they kept swapping back and forth between universes. If they were trying to get me to see things from Walternate's PoV, or to sympathize with him, they did a piss-poor job of it, because I'd really like to mutilate him for what he's done over the last eight weeks. Although it's not clear how alt-Broyles got mutilated when he was swapped, I'm betting Walternate had something to do with it, rather than it happening during the swap, because his mass was greater than Red's and would have to be adjusted to match hers before swapping-which is a very sick thing to do, even if they actually were at war.

I certainly hope that Olivia is able to keep the promise she made to him when she begged for his help and that he didn't die in vain, it should count for something.

You know, if I was her, I'd have taken every bag with her name on it out of that lab and back across with me...I'd hate to leave all that Cortexiphan in that madman's hands.

Maybe now they'll revert Walter and Peter back to their former level of genius now that they're through dumbing them down so that Red could fool them for 8 weeks.

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