Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Why does such a simple phrase send many people into a complete rage? Why are corporations afraid to wish their customers a Merry Christmas and instead go for the generic and not very holidayish Happy Holidays? I know there are many holidays celebrated during this season such as

Christmas-the most widely celebrated, especially for Christians
Hanukkah-I hope I spelled that right. Jewish holiday
Kwanzaa-Not exactly sure what it's all about, but I've heard of it
Ramadan-Celebrated by Islam as a holy day of some kind.

Now, I don't pretend to even know what any of them are all about because I don't celebrate any of them. heck, I barely celebrate Christmas anymore, except we provide a steak dinner for the immediate family-us and the kids/grandkids and get one present each for each grandkid. This is fine, I don't need anything. Sure, I want lots of stuff, stuff I don't need and only want for want's sake and would probably tire of quickly like any kid with a new toy who puts it down and plays with the box it came in more than he does the toy.

So what is inherently wrong with wishing someone whatever holiday it is you celebrate and let them wish you whatever holiday they celebrate? I would not be offended if someone wished me Happy Hanukkah instead of Merry Christmas, I would just smile and say "Merry Christmas to you.".

Political Correctness needs to go out the window somewhere, and I say we start with holidays. Don't glare people down for wishing you a Merry Christmas, just smile and thank them, they aren't trying to be anything except nice people wanting to wish everyone Merry Christmas whether you celebrate it or not.

Christmas is not a swear word, I don't see why I should be looked at as if I just said one when I wish someone a Merry Christmas.

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