Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I really hate being hard of hearing

I miss a lot when I watch tv, not that I watch it that much, so I don't bother with CC.

Anyway, I decided to stream the last Fringe episode (Entrada) from Hulu and ran it with captions. I picked up a few things I missed when I watched it at first airing-like it was Brandon's idea to dissect Olivia and take out her brain, spine and internal organs for study. Walternate approved, so he still carries blame for it. So alt-Broyles kills him (or sedates him according to Fringepedia, you make the call)-oh well. Dissecting someone while they're still alive and watching is just the height of evilness. I really adore Brandon from the Blue side, but I'm really disliking alt-Brandon. If he's dead, good for him.

So, they were going to harvest Olivia down to a shell, replace the mass and trade her for Red to get her back before she could be interrogated. Well, it didn't work out quite like they wanted, however I'm very upset that they sacrificed alt-Broyles, who was the only one who knew the truth. His parting words to Olivia will likely be her anthem during the rest of the season...."Please, make this count for something."

I'm still highly upset that Red got away scot-free. I even have a couple of screens of her face as she repeated Lincoln's words back to him, giving them an entirely new meaning..."Just like it never happened."

Well, my evil friend and I are going to make her pay for that smug grin by wiping it right off her face, both before and after she gets home. No, the team will not be ignorant of her spying and they will know without a shadow of a doubt that she's been gone for eight weeks doing Walternate's dirty work for him.

Cue evil face and maniacal laughter.

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