Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I told you my friend was upset

Over Red getting to go home scot-free. See, I told you that we do fanfiction and she lets me help over MSN by running arcs. She'll then translate them to prose and if she isn't satisfied then we do it again a different way.

Last night we gave Red a nasty surprise after she so smugly got home (however, she isn't going home undamaged, by the time we're through with her she'll be running home to mommy ;)). See, we read on a Fringe board a theory that Red was possibly brainwashed for her undercover assignment and we went with that-only much farther than the show would ever possibly go. She had an obedience program embedded in her, she had a personality rewrite, and a hatred for Blueverse that rivals Walternate's. When she got home we had already taken Walternate from power, but he slipped through our grasp (naturally) and built himself a basement lab. When Red got back he emailed her to come to him (which she would because of the obedience program, no matter she knew what he was up to). When she did (which was a Friday, so she wasn't missed until that following Monday) he strapped her to a table standing up, kept her awake and dosed her on so much cortexiphan that she was violently ill. He had probes down her back, in her ears and up her nose, a feeding tube down her throat and he even dropped some of the stuff in her eyes, blinding her. She had sensor pads all over her, monitoring her and giving her electric shocks to try to force her to bond with the cortexiphan. By the time she was found she was a wreck, blind, deaf, very weak and very exhausted. As much as she wanted him to stop, she couldn't tell him due to the feeding tube for one thing and because she was programmed to obey him without question for another. Naturally, Lincoln and Astrid were so angry that they shot him when they found her (Broyles wouldn't lose it like that, I don't think, and I control him and Lincoln in these things.).

So, in our version that isn't following canon or the episodes, Walternate is now dead (no big loss). But he does have a daughter by another woman (he was obsessed with genetic perfection) and it was she who saved Olivia from being dissected (which saved Broyles' life as well :p I didn't like him dying one little bit)

Now Peter is helping his half-sister try to reprogram Red. Lucy (sister) is also working with Walter to reprogram the doomsday machine to actually fix the rifts safely instead of annihilating a universe and Peter too, so she's popping over to Blueverse now and then, which lets her and Peter also collaborate on deprogramming/reprogramming Red to her old self.

We're having a lot of fun with it since the writers are going one way with it-letting it look like she never left Redverse-so we're just offering up our version, where everyone has been made aware of the switch and she doesn't just slide back into her old life as if nothing ever happened.

Like I said, she'll be quite badly bent before she goes home too-we're talking vampire trelks (you Farscapians should know what that is) for starters, and maybe I'll think of something to do to her as well. You see, in this trio of people who play-my friend is usually the evil one, wanting to pick on someone till they break and I'm the voice of reason, not generally inclined to as much violence and her alter-ego generally sides with me, but now all three of us are gunning for Red because the the show just wasn't fair to Olivia or Peter.

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