Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ancient Video Games

You know, the kind you now probably need an emulator on your computer to play? I have a SNES emu with Chrono Trigger on it, along with a few other ancient games.

Sure, Chrono Trigger isn't Dragon Age, but it's a fun diversion when you really don't want to do anything serious, it's an easy RP game when you want to do something practically mindless, but solitaire/puzzle games put you to sleep.

I even found out a couple things I didn't know about from the times I used to play it. Such as, I knew you were supposed to power up certain sealed chests, then go forward in time to open them, but I didn't know you could go back in time to get the original item out.

IOW-when you're in the Middle Ages (600a.d.), anytime you activate a chest and it asks if you want to remove the item, choose 'No'. Then go forward in time to 1000 and go back to that same chest and open it. Example. In Guardia Castle, 900, go up the stairs on the left and check each room till you find a sealed chest (I think it's three flights of stairs), energize the contents, then go back to 1000, same place and open it. You'll get a Red Mail, which absorbs fire damage (giving you more HP if you need it). Then go back to 600 and get the chest there for a Red Vest (which absorbs 50% of fire damage). Either way, you'll have armor that absorbs fire damage-a necessity in certain parts of the game, most notably in the Sun Palace when you're going after the Sun Stone, but also in the Black Omen when you run across the Orbs (Boss and sidekicks). They'll lock out your techs unless you have an anti-lock helmet on and you can't use any techs or items. Then they'll send out flares while you're trying to kill them. Wear anything but Red Mail or Vest and you'll take a lot of damage. You could also wear Ruby vest or armor that you get from Prehistoric era, but that only cuts the damage down, not absorbs it.

Anyway, that's just one thing about the game. As for the rest-get an emu and the ROM and see for yourself.

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