Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Event

Of course, there's more to the STO Summer Event than Flying High to get your ship. There are also games to earn favors, which is the Event currency to buy costumes, kit modules, floaters and powerboards.

What are powerboards? They're like surfboards with an engine. You use them to race around a river course, and when you reach the end, you grab a flag. There are four flags-First gives you 12 monkey tags and 75 favors, Second gives you 6 tags and 50 favors, Third gives you 3 tags and 25 favors. Finish gives you 2 tags and 15 favors. If you weren't able to grab any of the place flags, then you get the Finish. So, everyone is guaranteed at least 2 tags, which are used to raise baby feather monkeys. The monkeys can be kept as vanity pets, or traded in for marks for the various reputation systems in the game. There are three monkeys-blue, green and red. You need six tags to start a monkey project and the color you get is random. If the monkey crits during any phase of raising it, it will then acquire a tiki mask. These tiki-masked monkeys get you more marks with a trade-in.

There is also a game called the Horga'hn hunt. If you watched TNG, then you know these are fertility statues. Every hour, for fifteen minutes, you fly around on your floaters and find ten to turn in. There are any number of favors 'inside' the statues, ranging from 2-5. You may also find an 'abandoned' bird egg. You can take this egg and hatch it and get one of six types of tropical birds to raise, also to trade in for marks. If the bird crits during raising, it will gain long feather tufts and be worth more marks. If you keep any of the tufted birds, only raise them to adult, as they become even more brighter-colored, usually much different from their original colors.

Then there is the Dance Party. Every hour you spend about ten minutes doing dances that the dance instructor calls out (which are found by pinning your chat emote list and scrolling to the dances). Once you have completed 38 dances, you earn 100 favors.

Many players put stacks (999) of favors on the exchange, which is the ingame market, which gets them ingame currency (energy credits). I prefer to earn mine, since it's part of playing the event. I farm them during the hunt, and doing other activities. All the activities get you favors. Just some people don't want to spend the time farming them, they want their shinies *now*.

Anyway, speaking of the Summer Event, it's time to get out there.

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