Monday, January 12, 2015

Kitties and knitting

Kitties take precedence over knitting and they'll tell you so.

I have a small cat named, appropriately enough, Little Bit (or Lil' Bit for short). Most of the time I just call her Itty-Bitty. She was the runt of the litter I got her from, and she's still a runt, about half the size of  other cats her age (she's about two or three, so full grown). She was born with a balancing problem, or it was acquired, I'm not sure, but she can't balance worth a flip. If she's up on a table and cleaning herself, she'll invariably tilt a little too far and fall off said table and hit the floor with a loud thump. No, she does not do the mid-air twist that other cats do when they fall so they land on their feet, so she lands on her side or back.

Notwithstanding, she's a very lovable cat. She loves to be cuddled and snuggled. If I'm knitting or typing and she wants a cuddle she'll simply walk from her perch on the table next to my computer table and get between me and my keyboard or knitting needles.

So, we all know what's more important around here. She tells me so every time she interrupts me. And I dutifully put down my knitting or push my keyboard back so I can give her the snuggle she's looking for.

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